Happy Chuseok♥ :)

Chuseok is the great holiday of our country. From old times, we have been keeping this custom. Commonly in Chuseok, all of the family gather in one place. In that place, we can talk each others recently and have fun times together. And there is best important ceremony in Chuseok. That is rites for ancestors. We have been having a memorial ceremony for ancestors. We usually greet and pray for abundance to our ancestors in rite. 
I think there are good things. And there are bad things too. First I’m going to talk about good things in Chuseok. Above all, the biggest good thing is that we can get together. Usually in ordinary day most of people are very busy. So unless you live in the same house, we aren’t able to meet each other often. But in Chuseok almost people have long holidays. Holidays are usually 4 days. So we have enough time to visit our families! (Unusual this year’s long weekend are longer than other years.) Anyway in holidays, we can meet our families and relatives. 

(My nephews♥)

When we meet someone who can’t see frequently, its euphoria is the highest. So we are more happy in Chuseok. So when we get together in Chuseok, we can ask each’s recently situations. It can be a stress for some people ,but for almost people it can be a good time. In my case, sharing some stories mutual is happy.

(With my brothers family. My parents ,my brother in law and nephew.)

 If you like someone, you are going to want to know that person’s recent conditions. This is a natural thing. And having a good time while talking each other is good, happy and important thing in family. But we can’t do this for all day. However, Chuseok allows us to do this. Because of this, I think Chuseok is good! Additionally when children meet relatives(especially grand parents or cousins) can earn the money! My age is still enough to get pocket money. So many adults that know me and like me typically gives money. This money is not my periodic pocket money. It’s additionally thing! So I can use it without worries. kkkk Next, in Chuseok we have long holidays. All of the students don’t need to go school. They were very hard to study at school. Chuseok gives sweet rest times. Workers can take a rest too.

 Finally,, there are many delicious foods in Chuseok. 

(It’s not for rites. I ate this in my little brothers home. It was very delicious)

Because ancestral rites have been needing many foods. In order to have courtesy to ancestors. When they come to see their descendants, if there are many delicious foods they might be happy. From old times we have been believing like that. So we have been preparing many foods for rites. After the rites all of the family get together and eat foods. Every people make these foods sincerely. So almost foods made in Chuseok are delicious. (And my mom has a good cooking ability.)
But in my case, delicious foods advantage can be bad thing to me. Because in Chuseok, I have been making foods by myself. Actually I’m the baby of the family.

I have two brothers and one sister. Their ages are over the 30 a long time ago. (Big brother is 38, sister is 35 and little elder brother is 33.) So since I was child, I have been helping my mother instead of my brothers and sister. When I was young I just did an errand. And as I grew old I started to make foods by my self. After mastering making foods my mom ordered me making foods without her. Among the many foods my area is jeon. My father says “You are the best jeon chef.”

 So whenever Chuseok is coming, I was very tired. I couldn’t take a rest enough. Because mom and me always make all foods. And I always cleaned the room. Additionally, I helped my father preparing rites. In every Chuseok I have been doing many things. I mean, there are good things in Chuseok certainly. But there are bad thing to me too.
However, this Chuseok was perfect to me. From this time, my father had concluded that we don’t hold a memorial service for our ancestors. So using this year’s long holiday, we went to camping! 

(This is our camping area. Very nice)

(In order to birng many things for camping we need a big car hahaha)

Originally we liked going camping. Therefore we went to camp for the nights and three days. In last days, we went camping just for two days. Because we had not had enough time to stay for long times. Chuseok allows to us can take long times. Camping for three days was first to my family. In first day I left with my parents. We could talk sitting in the camp house with a cool breeze. During the rest time, we were able to take a nap and ate delicious foods with my big brother’s family.

(We ate polk at dinner)

(For dinner)

(For lunch, it’s a chicken cook)

 (For lunch, it’s chicken cook too)

About 4 P.M my big brother’s family came. So first day of our camping, we could have fun time with my brother.

Next day’s morning, it was awkward that we did not have to be ready to go early in the morning.

(Special ramyeon for breakfast.)

 This is because it was the first time for two nights and three days. So without any worries we can take a rest. And I was able to study. Studying with cool breeze was quite pleasant. And about 2 P.M my sister’s family visited. 

(I didn’t take pictures with my sister ㅠㅠ It’s an old picture about caming.)

Like yesterday, I had a good time with my family. 

(Rest of foods were same compare to yesterday. We ate this only with my sister.)

(Camp fire hahahaha)

Besides, after my sister’s family had left, my parents and me watched a movie (Spider Man Homecoming) on the screen.

Watching movie at the camping was the first time. That was great. It was a lot different from watching movies at home. We finished camping and returned home after a simple breakfast. This Chuseok was great to me. I didn’t need to do many errands. I was able to take a rest with out doing en errand. And I could eat many delicious foods including meat, shrimp, seafood, seafood ramyeon, snack and so on.
Before this year, I thought Chuseok is good and happy but I had some disadvantages(making foods, doing many errands). But from this year, my thinking of Chuseok has changed a lot. My thoughts on Chuseok are full of good things. I don’t need to make foods and do an errand. I just can take a rest! 

As a conclusion, starting from this Chuseok, the parts that I thought to be a disadvantage disappeared and only the merits remained. So, Chuseok turned me into the best holiday and happy time. Thank you for reading 🙂


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