Do Schools Kill Creativity.

1. What is this video about?  (minimum 10 sentences – your words – don’t copy and paste from the internet)

 In Ted’s lecture, he pay attention to children’s creativity. In addition, he talk about the creativity of children in relation recent education system. From this sentence I’m going to summarize his lecture. Many people have an interest in education. Because it can allows us to get a sense the future that we don’t know. But current education that many people are interested in is spoiling children’s creativity. Driving force of children’s creativity is not to be afraid of making mistakes. However, present education is teaching children like this. “You should never make a mistake.” At the end, this means children’s creativity can’t develop anymore. It even stagnate. And these days, many people who have great ability or creativity don’t know how great they are. That’s because those talent and creativity didn’t receive attention or received many criticisms. For these reasons, we have to know today’s education is going the wrong way. We have to attention our children’s creativity.  The best ideal way to progress their ability is whole person education. In order to be able to face the future for their creativity. We must watch their creativity and teach them in correct way. We should never ruin their ability.

2. When you think back to your elementary, middle, and high school education was creativity encouraged?

 When I went to elementary school, there were many classes for creativity not a simple study. For example I remind various experiments that we can do personally, the small market made with our ideas, and many creation classes in art. And writing poems is reminded too. We usually could take these classes in art, music and physical education. You can think these activities are just for children. But I think those were certainly very important classes. These helped to us can improve creativity. And we could even make some outputs! (Of course we needed teacher’s help.) Making outputs by our selves is very important in creativity. But as I grew up, these classes were disappeared. From middle school these started to disappeared. In our country where university is very important we couldn’t take creative classes anymore. We just studied in fixed curriculum. So we had to study for entering university not for us. As evidence, we can find less artistic time than elementary school. As we grew up, we had to study KOREAN, MATH, ENGLISH which are important for entering school. To make matters worse, creative classes(art, music and physical education classes) have also diminished in less formal times. And to conclude, there were many good classes that can encourage creativity for children in elementary school. But from middle school, those started to disappeared and there were almost nothings. 

3. Suggest 5 things you would change about the Korean education system that could allow for students to be more creative.

 One of the education systems in Korea that I would like to change most is the  art, music and physical education classes. In current education there are few arts or physical education times. It’s only about two or three times on one week. It’s a lot less time than other classes. So, are there more creative classes in short times? No, there aren’t. Students always study in fixed curriculum and determined by their grades. First thing I want to suggest is “Increase the art, music and physical education times!” And next thing is “Change the art, music and physical education more creative and meaningful.” The reason why I want to upgrade  art, music and physical education is I felt that thinking and making some outputs by their selves is needed to students. The best appropriate way to do these is  art, music and physical education! Of course many teachers and students are tired to do this. But when these classes(my suggestion classes) become familiar to them, it will have a good effects for improving creativity.

 Next is “Increasing the times experience in real!” In elementary school, there were many experiencing times. But as we entered to middle school those suddenly decreased. In middle school, there is an overwhelming amount of time to listen in the classroom. There is an adage. “It’s better to see it one time than to listen ten times.” and “It’s better to do it one time than to see ten times.” In recent education system, seeing is good. But doing in real is not enough. Actually doing in reality for all of the students, it can be stressful for teachers. I don’t just mean to increase these activities. We can do in our regular class time. We don’t have to do big things. For example, let’s see science classes. Nowadays we just memorize, memorize, memorize and memorize the science. Why do we just memorize? We can do it in real! It is very important to students designing and experimenting by themselves even that is small experiment. From these, we can improve their creativity.

 And fourth thing is “Having discussion classes!” My discussion times in my school days were just about three or four times. Even though I did it a few times, it remained to me in special. Through discussion class, I could learn how to think and say logically. In discussion class, if we don’t think we aren’t able to talk. It means, in order to talk about some topics, we must think! Its process is very important for improving creativity. In addition in order to talk in logically and better than opponents, we have to think more. Whenever we try to think, think, and think, it would be a good to us for improving creativity. But almost people says “Don’t you think discussion class is difficult?” My answer is No. We can do this at all subjects in not difficult way. In math there are many good mathematical problems that ask students’ creativity. The activities to think about these problems with their friends and solve these in their own ways will have a great effect. Certainly! Science is same too. Students can discuss in the planning of experiments. Taking to each other how to do is actually discussion. Like these we can make discussion class without big efforts. Don’t think like this “Discussion is difficult thing.” 

 Last thing is “Diversifying the after school programs!” At school, after school programs are usually produced for taking supplementary lesson. It processed by replacing academies. I think this is not bad. But if we use this time for improving creativity, it will bring good effects. I don’t mean great variety programs. If we don’t have any creative programs, we can do my foregoing plans in this time.
It would have many troubles if you changed a lot at one time. We have to change from small things. Then, we can see wonderful education in the distant future.

Let’s draw big picture!

4. What aspects of the Korean education system do you value and feel should NOT be changed?

 Actually recent curriculum is not creative. But in our country where is important to enter the university recent education has a enough value. It means I don’t think it should not change but it has its value. However there is other thing that I think it should not change. That is elementary school’s system. It has enough value in the past, present. And it will have value in the future. Because elementary school’s creative class is always important to all people regardless of the age. It never change in the future. So I want elementary school’s education is not changed. Actually I don’t know these days exact curriculum. But in my memories, educations that I experienced were very good. It allowed to us do something in our selves and we could make some outputs in our hands. I was tired and didn’t want to do at that time, of course. But now, I think that was really good education. Its value was really great. I have been thinking like that when I was in school days. Playing with my friends was fun but studying at school was too boring in middle and high school. So I didn’t study. I had not known why I lost interesting in studying. But now I realized. One of the reasons is because of the boring classes. There were no interesting things that I had done in elementary school. In elementary school, all of the classes are usually fun and creative. (It is different between tired and fun. Classes were tired but these were very interesting. However in middle and high school, classes were tired and boring.) So memories of the elementary school remind more than middle and high school’s memories. Finally, I mean that what I don’t want to change is elementary school’s education system. 

5. Write a conclusion sharing your thoughts on what your passion is and how your life would change if you could ‘follow your dream’. (minimum 20 sentences).

 So to speak, what I want to emphasize is doing something by yourself. Recent day’s education method is just receiving teachers knowledges. There are almost no things that students can think or do by themselves. To improve creativity, we have to think and do by ourselves. No matter the subjects are we need some creative classes that we can do something by ourselves. I thought once, if I could take classes in the way I want. Actually I don’t have to imagine. The classes what I want to take were in my elementary school. So I reminded those memories. My concentration about classes had been higher than when I was in middle and high school. And I think I was more in interest in elementary school. It’s a very important thing that I thought studying was very funny. It’s really important. If you like to do something, passion will must occur naturally. But after elementary school, I couldn’t take those classes. Actually I’m sad because of this. If I could take those classes more, nowadays I can be better maybe. Honestly now, I’m be afraid of doing some creative things. I often avoid this. I always think “What should I do if my thoughts are bad?” I was not afraid of failures when I was child. As I grow up, I start to be afraid failures. So I think like this “If I could take those classes more, nowadays I can be better maybe.” If I had continued to learn how to do for making something new after elementary school, my failures about doing something new  would have disappeared. And I could have been fun in doing creative things. And passion about doing creative things is following too. [Confidence. Not be afraid of doing creative things.] I think this part would have changed a lot. But I’m late to improve creative ability. I already be an adult. So I decided that I’m going to educate my child in the way I wanted to study. I want to inculcate creativities on the their brain. 

Thank you for reading. 🙂


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