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Real English

These days society requires English is essential to all people regardless of age. Commonly English is divided into two things in Korea. Those are TOEIC and Practical English. These are the best valuable English in Korea. For this reason, it seems that the topic of personal preference for either Practical English or TOEIC is given to me. Therefore I will write my opinions about this topic.
 If someone asked me “Which system (Practical English or TOEIC) do you think actually develops better English skills?” like this, I will choose Practical English without any worrying. The reason for this answer is based on the essence that why do we have to learn English. Based on the essence, I think Practical English will be more effective in improving real English ability. Why do we study English? Let’s think about it. We are living in global era now.

 So meeting with foreigners is growing. We should talk with them without awkwardness. 

For natural conversation with foreigners we have to study English. This is the essence why do we have to study English. So, what do we need to talk to them? Skills for solving English exam? No. Surely no. We have to study basic grammar and how to talk to them in English. TOEIC can be useful in learning grammar, of course. But we don’t communicate in paper! Conversation is actually speaking through words that come out of the mouth. For this reason, Practical English can develop English skills better than TOEIC. The reason I think like this is because of the experience that I have studied both of them(TOEIC and Practical English). 

(My Practical English certificate)

(My TOEIC score.)

The impression of TOEIC was “I just need to learn strategies to solve test questions.”. But the impression of Practical English was quite different. I studied at SDA Language institute. And I have studied Practical English since I came to university. During learning Practical English, actually more and more I speak and listen English direct I could have confidence and understand how to talk in English. For this, I could have conversation with foreigner with no problem. Namely, I think that Practical English is more appropriate for the essence of learning English. And based on my experience, Practical English is more effective in improving real English skill. 

 Next, I will focus on Practical English because I chose this. It is important to people as much as TOEIC vs Practical English is whether learning by Korean or foreign is effective. I think it depends on the time of learning rather than choosing just one. Learning from Korean is more effective for people who start to learn English. And after this starting point, I think it is better to learn from a foreigner than Korean. (Korean teachers have to teach students only English, of course.) Because, Korean teachers know better than foreign teachers what we have lack and hard work at some points. Korean teachers have also learned English, so they can understand our situations easily. So for the people who start to learn English, Korean teachers will be able to be helpful more than foreign teachers. I think people can understand a basic things about English like this ‘how to start the English’. After making a basic, it is better to learn from foreign teachers. Above of all, pronunciation part will be more effective if people study with foreign teachers. I think there is a difference in pronunciation that cannot be overcome between Korean and foreign. We have to reduce this difference, but I think there will be a limit if we learn from Korean teachers. But if we learn from with foreign teachers, we can be able to reduce that difference. Pronunciation will improve if we listen and follow it frequently. Second, I think English is culture. English has its own rules from its history. But we can’t understand all things about English. Namely, we can’t understand the each word’s real meaning or the each grammar’s real meaning. When we speak in English, it may be different between the meaning of the word or grammar we think and the meaning of the word or grammar they know. People called it ‘nuance’. In fact, I think ‘nuance’ is the most important thing. The way to speak or speaking skill is important, but in order to communicate the exact meaning, it is important to understand the word’s real meaning rather than memorize it. As Korean understand 100% of Korean language, foreigners understand 100% of their language, English, so we can learn very effectively. For these reason(pronunciation, nuance), it is good to study with foreign teachers. 

  I have more opinions about Practical English. I want to write about aspects that I liked to do in Practical English class. Umm.. it’s not different with that I said earlier. It was very attractive to learn English as a culture. In fact, I enjoyed this most while studying in the university and academy during the winter vacation. So all classes were interesting. Times were really fast in these classes. Learning about the word’s or grammar’s real meaning that I hadn’t known before was interesting. I could know the joy of the learning. Especially, learning about grammar’s real meaning was very helpful for me. After this activity, I thought like this “Grammar is quite easy!.”. It’s important thing. Understanding grammar is essential to people who want to speak English more well. In this part, learning grammar’s real meaning is helpful for me. And I remember another one. That is “Talking with friends.”. Actually, conversation with teacher is little hard for me. And I think that the conversation with teacher is process of learning, but conversation with friends is process of reviewing and applying. Learning conversation was interesting for me but, reviewing and applying conversation was more interesting. Through this activity, I could understand the learned in the class. I always used the learning content in the conversation with friends. More and more I practice in real, I could feel “I fully understand this”. And simply, it was just fun. We don’t have perfect or great English ability but we tired to do our best. It was good to try to communicate in only English. Not Korean. Finally I have last thing that I liked in my Practical English classes. Presentation assignment was really good, either. It was good experience. Although the presentation was not great because of tired and so many things to do, it was good for me. Especially, in the process of writing a script and repairing with Bobby I could know what I lack and what to fix. Through this process there was a lot of improvement as I rewrite the script, prepared my presentation part(making PPT), and practiced speaking. So, speaking ability was little improved and I could have confidence. I could know “I can do it.” In conclusion, because the classes were interesting and I had a confidence in doing English, I loved Practical English and I’m loving it now either.

 And I think Practical English has more benefits except some things that I mentioned in this posting. I like Practical English’s benefit. So I personally wish that society would turn into atmosphere that encourages Practical English more than TOEIC. I don’t know what TOEIC means. Actually, I think TOEIC is strategies for the test. So I want to study not for strategies, I want to study real English. And society needs to be changed. If the society changes like I wanted to, major company will gain more good things. Because, in a global society people who are able to speak English practically, not a person who is good at English just in the test, will be helpful for the society. Actually in the hospital, there are quite many nurses that can’t guide for foreigners exactly. But if society changes, there will almost no people who can’t guide in English exactly. However someone can ask like this “If there is no TOEIC, how do you evaluate a person’s English skills?”. I can answer confidently. We can prove ourselves through the Practical English. Through some grammar checking and speaking checking, we can evaluate English skills, enough. 

I don’t know why people want to evaluate English skills as a TOEIC. But I can’t change the reality right away. So I should study TOEIC. But, I will not study just TOEIC. I will continue studying Practical English as much as I can do. Because my final goal is working at a hospital in Australia, I don’t stop studying Practical English. For final goal, I will graduate SDA Language institute first.

Thank you for reading 🙂

Something Beautiful – Newsboys

I wanna start it over

= I want to born again as child of God.

I wanna start again

= I want to start again as child of God

I want a new beginning 

= I want to make a new start as a child of God.

One without an end

= All I need is the Lord.

I feel it inside

= I can feel Lord in my mind

Calling out to me

= The call of the Lord is in my mind.

It’s a voice that whispers my name

= The Lord whispers my name in my mind

It’s a kiss without any shame

= It’s a meeting with the Lord like Adam and Eve 

Something beautiful, yeah, yeah

= It’s a really beautiful moment

Like a song that stirs in my head

= The voice of the Lord stays in my head like a song

Singing love will take us where

= Praising for the Lord will take me to our heavenly home 

Something’s beautiful

= The appearance of the Lord is beautiful.

I’ve heard it in the silence

= I’ve only heard the voice of the Lord.

Seen it on a face

= I feel the beautiful from the appearance of the Lord

I’ve felt it in a long hour

= I’ve felt the love for a long time.

Like a sweet embrace

= I feel a sweet in the God’s arms.

I know this is true

= I know the Lord’s love is true

It’s calling out to me

= The call of the Lord is in my mind.

It’s a voice that whispers my name

= The Lord whispers my name in my mind

It’s a kiss without any shame

= It’s a meeting with the Lord like Adam and Eve 

Something beautiful, yeah, yeah

= It’s a really beautiful moment

Like a song that stirs in my head

= The voice of the Lord stays in my head like a song

Singing love will take us where

= Praising for the Lord will take me to our heavenly home 

Something’s beautiful

= The appearance of the Lord is beautiful

It’s the child on her wedding day

= It’s the fruit of the love in the Lord’s arms

It’s the daddy that gives her away

= The Lord gives us a love without conditions

Something beautiful, yeah, yeah

= It’s a really beautiful moment

When we laugh so hard, we cry

= When we are happy in the God’s arms, we are moved to tears.

Oh, the love between you and I

= Oh we are connected with the Lord in love

Something beautiful

= It’s a really beautiful moment

It’s a voice that whispers my name

= The Lord whispers my name in my mind

It’s a kiss without any shame

= It’s a meeting with the Lord like Adam and Eve

Something beautiful, yeah, yeah

= It’s a really beautiful moment

Like a song that stirs in my head

= The voice of the Lord stays in my head like a song

Singing love will take us where

= Praising for the Lord will take me to our heavenly home 

Something’s beautiful

= The appearance of the Lord is beautiful

It’s the child on her wedding day

= It’s the fruit of the love in the Lord’s arms

It’s the daddy that gives her away

= The Lord gives us a love without conditions

Something beautiful

= It’s a really beautiful moment

When we laugh so hard, we cry

= When we are happy in the God’s arms, we are moved to tears.

Yes, the love between you and I

= Right, we are connected with the Lord in love

Something beautiful

= It’s a really beautiful moment

Something beautiful

= It’s a really beautiful moment

*The meaning

 I think someone who forgot the Lord for a bit makes this song. Someone forgot the Lord in life for a bit for some reason. For example, because of busy life or because of tired or and so on.. So he felt lonely. With out the Lord, he couldn’t do anything. Finally he misses the Lord and seeks the Lord again. He realized that he was estranged with the Lord. So he wanted to born again as a child of the Lord. And he wanted the relationship with the Lord. After all, he could meet the Lord in his mind and he could feel the love. He was deeply moved at the Lord’s love. He felt the Lord’s love is more beautiful than any other love. So he thought that the reason that I can meet the Lord is only about faith and love. And he could bear fruit in the relationship with the Lord.
 This is the meaning of the song that I feel. Absolutely the origin meaning is very different. I just write my feeling. I listened all of the songs and tried to feel meanings of the song. But I couldn’t. I could feel only one. That song is ‘Something beautiful’. Because I forgot the Lord since I entered the university. I was too tired because of studying. For this reason, I can sympathize with this song. This song makes me that I can see the Lord again. It doesn’t tell the meaning of the song directly, but I can feel. I just feel. I can feel the Lord’s love again. For now, I will try not to apart from the Lord by listening this music.
(The song itself was so good that I could not even imagine in Korea. I’ve never heard the CCM like this song. It’s great.😍)

Not special hobby

Actually, I have no unique hobbies. Ever since I was young, I have been growing up in normal so I didn’t have some concerns about something special and challenge to something special. For this reason, I have common hobbies that are not different with other people. One of those is soccer. I have been loving to play soccer so I played soccer with friends whenever I had free time in my all school days. I like to play soccer these days of course but nowadays there is new activity that do more that soccer. Therefore I want to post about this. My new hobby is ‘Visiting here and there.’ 

In fact, this is not special too. Nevertheless, the reason for introducing this is because I just have a new hobby. In my adolescence I took my almost times at school. So I didn’t have enough time to go anywhere. But after entering university, my free time began to get longer. Thus I started to visit here and there. And there is the other important reason for getting new hobby. That is… I got a person who make an excursion with. Haha😄😄😄

 Anyway, I want to talk about where I went to. (About two best places) Starting was ‘Yeouido Park’. I started to visit here and there after my experience in Yeouido Park.

(In the park😄)

 In fact, Yeouido Park seems to have been the farthest place I have ever been to. (Excepting experiences with my family.) Because in school days, I had no money. So I had to play near the house. But when I came to university, I started to do part time job so I got enough money. For this reason my sight is becoming broaden. Hick’s looking around the Seoul was starting. The first start was Yeouido Park as mentioned above. It was summer. At the moment I arrived, I could see why people came to play here. There was very clean in spite a large place. And there were many attractions. For example, magicians and busking. 


Esplanade was so good too. 


I walked around following a walk. It was cool enough to feel the feeling of being out of the middle in the Seoul like lefting my body with a cool breeze blowing from the river.  

And when I was following the esplanade like this, I found a nice place. There was a cool place that can soak my feet in the water. 

(Soak into the water!)

 This is not the end. I could eat delicious foods in night market. There were many food trucks. Because of this I think I had about 30 minutes to agonize about what to eat. And just before going home, I also tasted Han River Ramen, famous food among Korean. 

Finally, the night view from Yeouido Park was also fantastic. I can’t forget this. 

 Next is about Gyeongbokgung Palace I went in last Monday. Gyeongbokgung Palace is Korea’s best of the ancient palace, and it is not exaggeration to say that it is the center of Korean history. 

Nowadays, the autumn scenery is best so the ancient palace’s scenery is more beautiful than ever. 

So I went to Gyeongbokgung Palace because I wanted to walk while feeling its beauty. In Gyeongbokgung Palace, there were so many great pavilion, but in this posting I’m going to write about just one thing. That is Gyeonghoeru that has best beauty. Gyeonghoeru is said to be the place where the king gave a banquet to his servants or hosted foreign gods. It is now in the middle of the pond, but actually it was not in the middle of the pond from  the beginning. Later, the pond was built and its size become bigger. Anyway, the scenery of Gyeonghoeru was really beautiful. The scenery of autumn that spread out around Gyeonghoeru was added the beauty at Gyeonghoeru by the decoration. It seemed to float on the pond. Its beauty was unbelievable. 

 Its beauty made me look like a child at the moment. I just wanted to play in that place like a child, It was so beautiful. The beauty that I met at Gyeongbokgung Palace was not only at Gyeonghoeru, but every appearance was so beautiful. So I’d like to introduce other things, but this posting is not about visiting therefore I will replace the rest with photos.


I talked about what my hobbies are and where I went. In fact, there is nothing special. I just walk around and leave my body at that time and just feel the scenery. It’s not unusual but there is no time as good as this time. I can’t express the sense of leisure in the busy life. I can clean the complicated head while feeling relaxed. And even when I relax, solutions and breakthroughs can be came up about things were not going well at work. Also doing visiting here and there more and more, the view of the world is getting wider. I don’t know why, but I can feel that I’m growing up mentally as I see and feel many things. I know why it’s better to see it once than watching it ten times. (Maybe it is because of the many experiences.) In addition, I receive the feeling to be healthy. Before having this hobby, I just played games to solve my stress. Games were just funny, headache didn’t improve. It was sometimes even more painful. However when I walk and talk without doing anything, I get a feeling of refreshing my head and being mentally health. It is same in physical. Because I walk for a long time, my health can not help getting better. Like these, I prefer this hobby that other hobbies. It have many good effects on me. So even if it does not look so special to ohters, it comes to me to be a quite special hobby.
 For these reasons I’m doing visiting here and there in nowadays. I’m absorbed in feeling relax. So I’m write a post about Visiting here and there as a hobby. Besides, my hobby has one advantage. There is no preparation. I don’t even need a plan. All I need is a strong legs and a camera. I don’t need anything to prepare for it. I just feel the relaxtion as soon as the mind is attracted to it in a good place. It is the best hobby for me. Because I don’t like activities that I should take care of.

But there is just one disadvantage. When I go around here and there, I spend a lot of money. When seeing the good scenery, I naturally want to eat good foods. So I used a lot of money for eating foods. 

And transportation costs can’t ignore. I usually take a bus but in poor transportation, I took a taxi. Umm…if I post on professional blogs about many places that I have ever been to I will be able to earn money. But I’m studying nursing now. I can’t do that. So I just spending my money for my hobby these days. (I’m doing a part time job in weekends,,,haha😂) 

Finally, I want to talk about the plans. I’m talking, of course, I want to go many places. Especially I want to go other ancient palaces. Actually I could’t watch all of the Gyeongbokgung Palace because of not enough time. First, I’m going to see the rest at Gyeongbokgung and see other palaces too. I’m fascinated in ancient palaces attraction. And I’m going to go not only near places but also far places. So I’m planning to trip to Incheon. After this semester, I’m going to go Incheon. I already have made a reservation at hotel. And I have a whole plan already. It’s just beginning! I will go near aborad like Japan or China before enlisting. The reason I want to these days is that if I don’t go to a trip to various places in these days, it will be more difficult to go trip for a while. The older and older, I’m not be able to have free times like nowadays. So I want to have good times in leisurely days. And I usually have been doing going around with my girlfriend and my friends. But for now, I’m going to spend my free times with my parents. After I came to university, the times that with my parents is decreased. I should take many times with my parents too. After thinking all of these, I thought if I spend all of the people that I like, I must be more busy. And I have to do a part time job continuously. But I think it is a happy worries. I love my hobby. 😘
Thank you for reading.😄

Happy Chuseok♥ :)

Chuseok is the great holiday of our country. From old times, we have been keeping this custom. Commonly in Chuseok, all of the family gather in one place. In that place, we can talk each others recently and have fun times together. And there is best important ceremony in Chuseok. That is rites for ancestors. We have been having a memorial ceremony for ancestors. We usually greet and pray for abundance to our ancestors in rite. 
I think there are good things. And there are bad things too. First I’m going to talk about good things in Chuseok. Above all, the biggest good thing is that we can get together. Usually in ordinary day most of people are very busy. So unless you live in the same house, we aren’t able to meet each other often. But in Chuseok almost people have long holidays. Holidays are usually 4 days. So we have enough time to visit our families! (Unusual this year’s long weekend are longer than other years.) Anyway in holidays, we can meet our families and relatives. 

(My nephews♥)

When we meet someone who can’t see frequently, its euphoria is the highest. So we are more happy in Chuseok. So when we get together in Chuseok, we can ask each’s recently situations. It can be a stress for some people ,but for almost people it can be a good time. In my case, sharing some stories mutual is happy.

(With my brothers family. My parents ,my brother in law and nephew.)

 If you like someone, you are going to want to know that person’s recent conditions. This is a natural thing. And having a good time while talking each other is good, happy and important thing in family. But we can’t do this for all day. However, Chuseok allows us to do this. Because of this, I think Chuseok is good! Additionally when children meet relatives(especially grand parents or cousins) can earn the money! My age is still enough to get pocket money. So many adults that know me and like me typically gives money. This money is not my periodic pocket money. It’s additionally thing! So I can use it without worries. kkkk Next, in Chuseok we have long holidays. All of the students don’t need to go school. They were very hard to study at school. Chuseok gives sweet rest times. Workers can take a rest too.

 Finally,, there are many delicious foods in Chuseok. 

(It’s not for rites. I ate this in my little brothers home. It was very delicious)

Because ancestral rites have been needing many foods. In order to have courtesy to ancestors. When they come to see their descendants, if there are many delicious foods they might be happy. From old times we have been believing like that. So we have been preparing many foods for rites. After the rites all of the family get together and eat foods. Every people make these foods sincerely. So almost foods made in Chuseok are delicious. (And my mom has a good cooking ability.)
But in my case, delicious foods advantage can be bad thing to me. Because in Chuseok, I have been making foods by myself. Actually I’m the baby of the family.

I have two brothers and one sister. Their ages are over the 30 a long time ago. (Big brother is 38, sister is 35 and little elder brother is 33.) So since I was child, I have been helping my mother instead of my brothers and sister. When I was young I just did an errand. And as I grew old I started to make foods by my self. After mastering making foods my mom ordered me making foods without her. Among the many foods my area is jeon. My father says “You are the best jeon chef.”

 So whenever Chuseok is coming, I was very tired. I couldn’t take a rest enough. Because mom and me always make all foods. And I always cleaned the room. Additionally, I helped my father preparing rites. In every Chuseok I have been doing many things. I mean, there are good things in Chuseok certainly. But there are bad thing to me too.
However, this Chuseok was perfect to me. From this time, my father had concluded that we don’t hold a memorial service for our ancestors. So using this year’s long holiday, we went to camping! 

(This is our camping area. Very nice)

(In order to birng many things for camping we need a big car hahaha)

Originally we liked going camping. Therefore we went to camp for the nights and three days. In last days, we went camping just for two days. Because we had not had enough time to stay for long times. Chuseok allows to us can take long times. Camping for three days was first to my family. In first day I left with my parents. We could talk sitting in the camp house with a cool breeze. During the rest time, we were able to take a nap and ate delicious foods with my big brother’s family.

(We ate polk at dinner)

(For dinner)

(For lunch, it’s a chicken cook)

 (For lunch, it’s chicken cook too)

About 4 P.M my big brother’s family came. So first day of our camping, we could have fun time with my brother.

Next day’s morning, it was awkward that we did not have to be ready to go early in the morning.

(Special ramyeon for breakfast.)

 This is because it was the first time for two nights and three days. So without any worries we can take a rest. And I was able to study. Studying with cool breeze was quite pleasant. And about 2 P.M my sister’s family visited. 

(I didn’t take pictures with my sister ㅠㅠ It’s an old picture about caming.)

Like yesterday, I had a good time with my family. 

(Rest of foods were same compare to yesterday. We ate this only with my sister.)

(Camp fire hahahaha)

Besides, after my sister’s family had left, my parents and me watched a movie (Spider Man Homecoming) on the screen.

Watching movie at the camping was the first time. That was great. It was a lot different from watching movies at home. We finished camping and returned home after a simple breakfast. This Chuseok was great to me. I didn’t need to do many errands. I was able to take a rest with out doing en errand. And I could eat many delicious foods including meat, shrimp, seafood, seafood ramyeon, snack and so on.
Before this year, I thought Chuseok is good and happy but I had some disadvantages(making foods, doing many errands). But from this year, my thinking of Chuseok has changed a lot. My thoughts on Chuseok are full of good things. I don’t need to make foods and do an errand. I just can take a rest! 

As a conclusion, starting from this Chuseok, the parts that I thought to be a disadvantage disappeared and only the merits remained. So, Chuseok turned me into the best holiday and happy time. Thank you for reading 🙂

Do Schools Kill Creativity.

1. What is this video about?  (minimum 10 sentences – your words – don’t copy and paste from the internet)

 In Ted’s lecture, he pay attention to children’s creativity. In addition, he talk about the creativity of children in relation recent education system. From this sentence I’m going to summarize his lecture. Many people have an interest in education. Because it can allows us to get a sense the future that we don’t know. But current education that many people are interested in is spoiling children’s creativity. Driving force of children’s creativity is not to be afraid of making mistakes. However, present education is teaching children like this. “You should never make a mistake.” At the end, this means children’s creativity can’t develop anymore. It even stagnate. And these days, many people who have great ability or creativity don’t know how great they are. That’s because those talent and creativity didn’t receive attention or received many criticisms. For these reasons, we have to know today’s education is going the wrong way. We have to attention our children’s creativity.  The best ideal way to progress their ability is whole person education. In order to be able to face the future for their creativity. We must watch their creativity and teach them in correct way. We should never ruin their ability.

2. When you think back to your elementary, middle, and high school education was creativity encouraged?

 When I went to elementary school, there were many classes for creativity not a simple study. For example I remind various experiments that we can do personally, the small market made with our ideas, and many creation classes in art. And writing poems is reminded too. We usually could take these classes in art, music and physical education. You can think these activities are just for children. But I think those were certainly very important classes. These helped to us can improve creativity. And we could even make some outputs! (Of course we needed teacher’s help.) Making outputs by our selves is very important in creativity. But as I grew up, these classes were disappeared. From middle school these started to disappeared. In our country where university is very important we couldn’t take creative classes anymore. We just studied in fixed curriculum. So we had to study for entering university not for us. As evidence, we can find less artistic time than elementary school. As we grew up, we had to study KOREAN, MATH, ENGLISH which are important for entering school. To make matters worse, creative classes(art, music and physical education classes) have also diminished in less formal times. And to conclude, there were many good classes that can encourage creativity for children in elementary school. But from middle school, those started to disappeared and there were almost nothings. 

3. Suggest 5 things you would change about the Korean education system that could allow for students to be more creative.

 One of the education systems in Korea that I would like to change most is the  art, music and physical education classes. In current education there are few arts or physical education times. It’s only about two or three times on one week. It’s a lot less time than other classes. So, are there more creative classes in short times? No, there aren’t. Students always study in fixed curriculum and determined by their grades. First thing I want to suggest is “Increase the art, music and physical education times!” And next thing is “Change the art, music and physical education more creative and meaningful.” The reason why I want to upgrade  art, music and physical education is I felt that thinking and making some outputs by their selves is needed to students. The best appropriate way to do these is  art, music and physical education! Of course many teachers and students are tired to do this. But when these classes(my suggestion classes) become familiar to them, it will have a good effects for improving creativity.

 Next is “Increasing the times experience in real!” In elementary school, there were many experiencing times. But as we entered to middle school those suddenly decreased. In middle school, there is an overwhelming amount of time to listen in the classroom. There is an adage. “It’s better to see it one time than to listen ten times.” and “It’s better to do it one time than to see ten times.” In recent education system, seeing is good. But doing in real is not enough. Actually doing in reality for all of the students, it can be stressful for teachers. I don’t just mean to increase these activities. We can do in our regular class time. We don’t have to do big things. For example, let’s see science classes. Nowadays we just memorize, memorize, memorize and memorize the science. Why do we just memorize? We can do it in real! It is very important to students designing and experimenting by themselves even that is small experiment. From these, we can improve their creativity.

 And fourth thing is “Having discussion classes!” My discussion times in my school days were just about three or four times. Even though I did it a few times, it remained to me in special. Through discussion class, I could learn how to think and say logically. In discussion class, if we don’t think we aren’t able to talk. It means, in order to talk about some topics, we must think! Its process is very important for improving creativity. In addition in order to talk in logically and better than opponents, we have to think more. Whenever we try to think, think, and think, it would be a good to us for improving creativity. But almost people says “Don’t you think discussion class is difficult?” My answer is No. We can do this at all subjects in not difficult way. In math there are many good mathematical problems that ask students’ creativity. The activities to think about these problems with their friends and solve these in their own ways will have a great effect. Certainly! Science is same too. Students can discuss in the planning of experiments. Taking to each other how to do is actually discussion. Like these we can make discussion class without big efforts. Don’t think like this “Discussion is difficult thing.” 

 Last thing is “Diversifying the after school programs!” At school, after school programs are usually produced for taking supplementary lesson. It processed by replacing academies. I think this is not bad. But if we use this time for improving creativity, it will bring good effects. I don’t mean great variety programs. If we don’t have any creative programs, we can do my foregoing plans in this time.
It would have many troubles if you changed a lot at one time. We have to change from small things. Then, we can see wonderful education in the distant future.

Let’s draw big picture!

4. What aspects of the Korean education system do you value and feel should NOT be changed?

 Actually recent curriculum is not creative. But in our country where is important to enter the university recent education has a enough value. It means I don’t think it should not change but it has its value. However there is other thing that I think it should not change. That is elementary school’s system. It has enough value in the past, present. And it will have value in the future. Because elementary school’s creative class is always important to all people regardless of the age. It never change in the future. So I want elementary school’s education is not changed. Actually I don’t know these days exact curriculum. But in my memories, educations that I experienced were very good. It allowed to us do something in our selves and we could make some outputs in our hands. I was tired and didn’t want to do at that time, of course. But now, I think that was really good education. Its value was really great. I have been thinking like that when I was in school days. Playing with my friends was fun but studying at school was too boring in middle and high school. So I didn’t study. I had not known why I lost interesting in studying. But now I realized. One of the reasons is because of the boring classes. There were no interesting things that I had done in elementary school. In elementary school, all of the classes are usually fun and creative. (It is different between tired and fun. Classes were tired but these were very interesting. However in middle and high school, classes were tired and boring.) So memories of the elementary school remind more than middle and high school’s memories. Finally, I mean that what I don’t want to change is elementary school’s education system. 

5. Write a conclusion sharing your thoughts on what your passion is and how your life would change if you could ‘follow your dream’. (minimum 20 sentences).

 So to speak, what I want to emphasize is doing something by yourself. Recent day’s education method is just receiving teachers knowledges. There are almost no things that students can think or do by themselves. To improve creativity, we have to think and do by ourselves. No matter the subjects are we need some creative classes that we can do something by ourselves. I thought once, if I could take classes in the way I want. Actually I don’t have to imagine. The classes what I want to take were in my elementary school. So I reminded those memories. My concentration about classes had been higher than when I was in middle and high school. And I think I was more in interest in elementary school. It’s a very important thing that I thought studying was very funny. It’s really important. If you like to do something, passion will must occur naturally. But after elementary school, I couldn’t take those classes. Actually I’m sad because of this. If I could take those classes more, nowadays I can be better maybe. Honestly now, I’m be afraid of doing some creative things. I often avoid this. I always think “What should I do if my thoughts are bad?” I was not afraid of failures when I was child. As I grow up, I start to be afraid failures. So I think like this “If I could take those classes more, nowadays I can be better maybe.” If I had continued to learn how to do for making something new after elementary school, my failures about doing something new  would have disappeared. And I could have been fun in doing creative things. And passion about doing creative things is following too. [Confidence. Not be afraid of doing creative things.] I think this part would have changed a lot. But I’m late to improve creative ability. I already be an adult. So I decided that I’m going to educate my child in the way I wanted to study. I want to inculcate creativities on the their brain. 

Thank you for reading. 🙂

My high school teacher.

When I was in high school, I was generally in good relationship with many teachers. Since I was young, I have been having sociability. So I could make friends and relationship with teachers. And Many teachers liked me. They were always kind to me and I was always kind to them. Commonly almost students have good relationship with their class teacher. And their favorite teacher is alomost their homeroom teacher too. (At least my friends was like that ^.^) But I was different.

My favorite teacher was history teacher.(I still like her too.) 

(It is her picture.)

At first year in high school, I really really studied hard. (I was within 10th of all students.) But my class friends were a little quiet. I always answered her question almost alone in her class. So she started to like me. She always said “You are the only student that respond my teaching.” Additionally my favorite subject was history. I studied hard at all time. Even I took her afterschool classes everyday. So we started to close each other.

Because of studying hard in her class everyday, I could got good grade. Even though when my grade fell down to the ground, my history grade was good. My grade was so good, so we could get closed. If I had not studied hard in her class, I couldn’t get good relationship. And actually her personality was so good. She received a lot of love from many students except me. She was always smile and very kind to everyone. And she was good at speaking. So even though her class was based on formula course of study, her classes were interesting. And, she liked to go. She took a trip or went out for play to many places. And she liked to take pictures. She always took selfies, landscape photograpies, and food pictures. In school, she took many pictures and uploaded in her Facebook. She was very active, kind, beautiful, and outgoing. So people liked her. In short, she was perfect.

Anyway, I liked her classes and personalities. I definitively have many impressive memories with her.

(In self study time….we said “we want to go home ㅠㅠ”)

First of all before saying my special momories, I’m going to write her special assesment team project. She let me to make video about history. Topic was free, so we could choose our favorite history and make videos without fixed formal. Actually, making video project isn’t special for almost people. But this video project was fisrt for us. It was strange, amazing and interesting for us. So we could use our creativity freely. It was happy to us. And we could watch others students best movie. It was good to me too. It was my first special memory with her. And for now, I’m going to say the most impressive memories.  First, I could depend on her when I felt emotional distress. Actually I had broken with my ex-girlfriend. I had to pretend to be okay to others. Because I still had to study in school 2 years. To have good life in school, I had to pretend. But It was very hard to me. I needed to open my heart to someone. Someone was her! She listend my innermost feelings and gave impressive advices. Because of her good heart, I was able to confide my troubles easily. So I could recover quikly and get psychological stability. Second when I was broken my legs, she always picked me up to the school. Actually, our school have very high hill. Normal people who aren’t broken anywhere can’t mount a hill easily. Mounting was impossible for me to have leg injured. When I was in serious trouble, she saved me. In fact, it was not easy for her to pick up everyday under the hill. But she took me everyday until I could walk.

These are the reasons why I chose her for my favorite teacher. She was perfect and I have many impressive memories with her. So I can’t forget her. I’m still in contact with her. I’m going to visit her as soon as possible. Because during the writing this blog, I missed her very much.

I will never forget her. She was my best teacher, she is my best teacher now, she will remain best teacher for me in my life. I love her. Thank you for reading 🙂

(At my graduation.)

My first following blogs

My fisrt following blog is game page.

This name is James Dixon, QTX

Since I was young, I always have been playing games. 

And I like wathcing games too. Like STARCRAFT pro games, OVERWATCH pro games and all of the games programs.

 So I found pages that blog about game. 

Luckily, there was game page in wordpress! 

So I quickly followed this page.

 For example, there is review about Call of Duty. He played this game and introduced this game. About story, graphic and so on.

I like to know new games and their informations. So I followed this page.

My second following page is Movie blogging page.

Its name is Popcorn & Film.

Actually after I graduated high school, I saw many movies. And I’m seeing many movies now too. I’m interested in movies. 

This page post her opinions about some movie. Like Her top 5 favorite Harry Potter characters, Her top 5 favorite Marvel characters.

Actually I determinded following this blog when I saw movie review about Marvel Studio Movie. Because I really love Marvel Studio’s Movies. I had found many information about movie for many times in my free time.

So I chose this blog.

My last following blog is Soccer blog.

Its name is ProSoccerTalk.

I really really really love soccer.

I have been playing soccer and watching soccer since I was child. Even my dream was soccer player.

So I found soccer pages. When I was searching soccer pages, I saw posting about Real Madrid. Its content was about Real Madrid’s 12th Champions League win.

When I saw that posting , I immidiately pressed following button. Because my favorite soccer team is Real Madrid.

And there are many soccers news too.

So I chose this blog.

After posting my follow pages…

I’m happy to follow many blogs that upload information that I’m interested in.

I’m going to see my following pages alomost every day. 

Thank you for reading 🙂


Challenging to Myself! (Playing Challenge!)
Title seems like it has great meaning but actually not. I wanted to test myself how much I can play through this MVP week. I had tried to know how much I can study during the exam term , so this week , I tried to test myself about playing.
In Sunday, my week was started to soothe my friend. He was broken with his girlfriend last Saturday. So I met him with two other friends. They drank and I drank coke cola alone. (I hate alcoholic drink) Then we ate patbingsu at SULBING.

(I downlod these two pictures in NAVER that we ate in Sunday. My phone battery was dead ㅠㅠ)

I bought for him. And we played shoot pool. In game, we stated betting! “Losers have to pay! ” Finally my team won two games, so I saved my money. After this, we went home. The time was 12:10 am. And then he said to me “I was sad but thank to you, I can feel better. Thank you.”

My heart was full. 🙂

In Monday, I went to my little brothers home. (I have two brothers and one sister, so I called the third brother like this ‘little brother’)  We played game together and we played billiards. I learned billiards to my brother, but it was fail. Because I was too bad. kkkk And I went camping with my little brother and his wife and his daughter.

 (simple camping!)

His daughter is 2 years old now. She is very cute. I looked after her about twenty minutes. It was very difficult for me but she didn’t cry during the time that we got together, so I was very happy. 🙂

(Very cute♥)

And we ate delicious food and slept in the windy shade. It was very peaceful and happy.


After meeting him, I met my best friends to take pictures. We took friendship pictures! We became best friends since we were in same class in high school 2nd grade. We have kakao talk group chatting and we meet periodically. Anyway I was happy to meet them.

Finally, my best of best two days were coming to me! It is Wednesday and Thursday that the Champions League(soccer) quarter-finals were held!!!!

 I really really really love soccer. But I couldn’t watch  Champions League because for one month because of the exam…. So I had decided to watch soccer after exam. Even if the world is destroyed. Because it was even Real Madird’s game on Wednesday. 

It was successful. Real Madrid won the game(3:0) and Christiano Ronaldo scored a hat trick! 

I was really really excited. And next day there was another Champions League. I decided to watch this too! But this time was fail. The game was not so enjoying. Anyway, I was satisfied because Real Madrid broke ATLETICO DE MADRID. kkkkkkkk

And I played soccer with my friends in Friday. We played soccer with other team.

We had an ice cream betting. During the game, I scored 6 goals. kkkkk I was so nice.
So we were able to win the game thanks to me. But we didn’t eat the ice cream. Because we are very nice guys. We said them “You don’t need to buy ice creams~ the game was very enjoyable. Thank you for playing soccer together~” Wow, we were really nice. You must agree. And there was funny episode after finishing the soccer. My friend’s pants were torn. kkkkkkkkkkkk

In Saturday, I finished my MVP week with my parents and reminded my week.
Finally my challenges were perfectly success. I could rest during the week and achieve my several goals(Playing…haha). So, even though there were no special event for me I’m very satisfied now. 

If I have MVP CHALLENGE WEEK next time, I will try “EATING CHALLENGE”
Thank you for reading my posting! 🙂 

Our senior’s last day in our club,,,

Today was our seniors last day….

She is the president of our club.

But she is going to practice in the health center so she will not be able to do club activity more.

So we decided to give some presents to her.

She likes Baskin Robbins ice cream so we bought it for her.

And we prepared some beautiful flowers.

We are happy! Because we can celebrate her last day and future.

But we were very very moved. 

Because she prepared gifts to us!!

(Some chocolates & candies)
So, today was our last day but we were not sad. We were happy! Because we could check the fact that  we thought each other and liked each other.

I think we will be able to meet!

Her activity in the culb was over today.

But it is sure that we are in the same university.

I really want to meet her countinuously.

(We drawed her!)

Rebuilding my Weekends like Weekdays! (Let me introduce my New Weekends!)

As the examination period is approaching, I decided to make my weekends more efficiently. Because my weekends schedule was terrible. So I strated finding my problems. 

Above all, let me show you my weekdays & weekends graph.

We can know the differences through these two graphs. I tried to think in order to find my problem.

What were the problems?

The result of my thinking about the problem is ‘I have been wasting too many times for free time’. 

I thought that I have to reduce free times and sleep times. 

And then I should use those remaining times for studying.

After thinking about these, I realized something. The way that I can change my weekends routine is ‘Rebuilding my weekends like Weekdays!”

Because during the weekdays, I have more times for studying than free times.

Finally, I lived my ideal Sunday like weekdays. It was perfect day for me!

For now, let me introduce my new Sunday!

I got up at 9 a.m. And I ate bread for breakfast.

Immediately after eating breakfast, I went to the library to study. 

The way to the library

The beautiful sky:) 

Today’s weather was so nice… so I really wanted to play with my friends, but I have to study.. 

Anyway, I cleaned up my mind and  kept going to the library

I studied for about 6 hours. 

It was very tired for me but I was proud.

I could spend more times for studying than wasting many times for meaningless free time. 

After studying I went back to the home to eat dinner. I ate soft sofu stew for dinner with my parents!

I have been singing “I want to eat this!!!” since last weekend. So my parenst bought for me!!! 🙂

And I started doing assignments.

Finally, I could enjoy my free times!

I watched soccer game and played computer games!

(Sunderland vs Manchester United)

(League of Legends. kkkkk)

It’s time to finish my posting. I’m gonna tell you about my feeling through my rebuilding.

I said “I lived my ideal Sunday like weekdays. It was perfect day for me!”.

When I lived my weekends without any plan and just took a free time, I  could never say like that. Because there were noting to do.

But when I lived with plan (like weekdays) I could say like that. I could do many things that I should do.

It is the reason why I said like that.

If you want to change your weekends more efficiently as you want,

Try to live like your weekdays!

Try to rebuilding your weekends!

I will keep trying to live my weekends as I want. (Like weekdays? haha)

 Thank you for reading 🙂