My high school teacher.

When I was in high school, I was generally in good relationship with many teachers. Since I was young, I have been having sociability. So I could make friends and relationship with teachers. And Many teachers liked me. They were always kind to me and I was always kind to them. Commonly almost students have good relationship with their class teacher. And their favorite teacher is alomost their homeroom teacher too. (At least my friends was like that ^.^) But I was different.

My favorite teacher was history teacher.(I still like her too.) 

(It is her picture.)

At first year in high school, I really really studied hard. (I was within 10th of all students.) But my class friends were a little quiet. I always answered her question almost alone in her class. So she started to like me. She always said “You are the only student that respond my teaching.” Additionally my favorite subject was history. I studied hard at all time. Even I took her afterschool classes everyday. So we started to close each other.

Because of studying hard in her class everyday, I could got good grade. Even though when my grade fell down to the ground, my history grade was good. My grade was so good, so we could get closed. If I had not studied hard in her class, I couldn’t get good relationship. And actually her personality was so good. She received a lot of love from many students except me. She was always smile and very kind to everyone. And she was good at speaking. So even though her class was based on formula course of study, her classes were interesting. And, she liked to go. She took a trip or went out for play to many places. And she liked to take pictures. She always took selfies, landscape photograpies, and food pictures. In school, she took many pictures and uploaded in her Facebook. She was very active, kind, beautiful, and outgoing. So people liked her. In short, she was perfect.

Anyway, I liked her classes and personalities. I definitively have many impressive memories with her.

(In self study time….we said “we want to go home ㅠㅠ”)

First of all before saying my special momories, I’m going to write her special assesment team project. She let me to make video about history. Topic was free, so we could choose our favorite history and make videos without fixed formal. Actually, making video project isn’t special for almost people. But this video project was fisrt for us. It was strange, amazing and interesting for us. So we could use our creativity freely. It was happy to us. And we could watch others students best movie. It was good to me too. It was my first special memory with her. And for now, I’m going to say the most impressive memories.  First, I could depend on her when I felt emotional distress. Actually I had broken with my ex-girlfriend. I had to pretend to be okay to others. Because I still had to study in school 2 years. To have good life in school, I had to pretend. But It was very hard to me. I needed to open my heart to someone. Someone was her! She listend my innermost feelings and gave impressive advices. Because of her good heart, I was able to confide my troubles easily. So I could recover quikly and get psychological stability. Second when I was broken my legs, she always picked me up to the school. Actually, our school have very high hill. Normal people who aren’t broken anywhere can’t mount a hill easily. Mounting was impossible for me to have leg injured. When I was in serious trouble, she saved me. In fact, it was not easy for her to pick up everyday under the hill. But she took me everyday until I could walk.

These are the reasons why I chose her for my favorite teacher. She was perfect and I have many impressive memories with her. So I can’t forget her. I’m still in contact with her. I’m going to visit her as soon as possible. Because during the writing this blog, I missed her very much.

I will never forget her. She was my best teacher, she is my best teacher now, she will remain best teacher for me in my life. I love her. Thank you for reading 🙂

(At my graduation.)

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