My first following blogs

My fisrt following blog is game page.

This name is James Dixon, QTX

Since I was young, I always have been playing games. 

And I like wathcing games too. Like STARCRAFT pro games, OVERWATCH pro games and all of the games programs.

 So I found pages that blog about game. 

Luckily, there was game page in wordpress! 

So I quickly followed this page.

 For example, there is review about Call of Duty. He played this game and introduced this game. About story, graphic and so on.

I like to know new games and their informations. So I followed this page.

My second following page is Movie blogging page.

Its name is Popcorn & Film.

Actually after I graduated high school, I saw many movies. And I’m seeing many movies now too. I’m interested in movies. 

This page post her opinions about some movie. Like Her top 5 favorite Harry Potter characters, Her top 5 favorite Marvel characters.

Actually I determinded following this blog when I saw movie review about Marvel Studio Movie. Because I really love Marvel Studio’s Movies. I had found many information about movie for many times in my free time.

So I chose this blog.

My last following blog is Soccer blog.

Its name is ProSoccerTalk.

I really really really love soccer.

I have been playing soccer and watching soccer since I was child. Even my dream was soccer player.

So I found soccer pages. When I was searching soccer pages, I saw posting about Real Madrid. Its content was about Real Madrid’s 12th Champions League win.

When I saw that posting , I immidiately pressed following button. Because my favorite soccer team is Real Madrid.

And there are many soccers news too.

So I chose this blog.

After posting my follow pages…

I’m happy to follow many blogs that upload information that I’m interested in.

I’m going to see my following pages alomost every day. 

Thank you for reading 🙂


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