Challenging to Myself! (Playing Challenge!)
Title seems like it has great meaning but actually not. I wanted to test myself how much I can play through this MVP week. I had tried to know how much I can study during the exam term , so this week , I tried to test myself about playing.
In Sunday, my week was started to soothe my friend. He was broken with his girlfriend last Saturday. So I met him with two other friends. They drank and I drank coke cola alone. (I hate alcoholic drink) Then we ate patbingsu at SULBING.

(I downlod these two pictures in NAVER that we ate in Sunday. My phone battery was dead ㅠㅠ)

I bought for him. And we played shoot pool. In game, we stated betting! “Losers have to pay! ” Finally my team won two games, so I saved my money. After this, we went home. The time was 12:10 am. And then he said to me “I was sad but thank to you, I can feel better. Thank you.”

My heart was full. 🙂

In Monday, I went to my little brothers home. (I have two brothers and one sister, so I called the third brother like this ‘little brother’)  We played game together and we played billiards. I learned billiards to my brother, but it was fail. Because I was too bad. kkkk And I went camping with my little brother and his wife and his daughter.

 (simple camping!)

His daughter is 2 years old now. She is very cute. I looked after her about twenty minutes. It was very difficult for me but she didn’t cry during the time that we got together, so I was very happy. 🙂

(Very cute♥)

And we ate delicious food and slept in the windy shade. It was very peaceful and happy.


After meeting him, I met my best friends to take pictures. We took friendship pictures! We became best friends since we were in same class in high school 2nd grade. We have kakao talk group chatting and we meet periodically. Anyway I was happy to meet them.

Finally, my best of best two days were coming to me! It is Wednesday and Thursday that the Champions League(soccer) quarter-finals were held!!!!

 I really really really love soccer. But I couldn’t watch  Champions League because for one month because of the exam…. So I had decided to watch soccer after exam. Even if the world is destroyed. Because it was even Real Madird’s game on Wednesday. 

It was successful. Real Madrid won the game(3:0) and Christiano Ronaldo scored a hat trick! 

I was really really excited. And next day there was another Champions League. I decided to watch this too! But this time was fail. The game was not so enjoying. Anyway, I was satisfied because Real Madrid broke ATLETICO DE MADRID. kkkkkkkk

And I played soccer with my friends in Friday. We played soccer with other team.

We had an ice cream betting. During the game, I scored 6 goals. kkkkk I was so nice.
So we were able to win the game thanks to me. But we didn’t eat the ice cream. Because we are very nice guys. We said them “You don’t need to buy ice creams~ the game was very enjoyable. Thank you for playing soccer together~” Wow, we were really nice. You must agree. And there was funny episode after finishing the soccer. My friend’s pants were torn. kkkkkkkkkkkk

In Saturday, I finished my MVP week with my parents and reminded my week.
Finally my challenges were perfectly success. I could rest during the week and achieve my several goals(Playing…haha). So, even though there were no special event for me I’m very satisfied now. 

If I have MVP CHALLENGE WEEK next time, I will try “EATING CHALLENGE”
Thank you for reading my posting! 🙂 

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