Our senior’s last day in our club,,,

Today was our seniors last day….

She is the president of our club.

But she is going to practice in the health center so she will not be able to do club activity more.

So we decided to give some presents to her.

She likes Baskin Robbins ice cream so we bought it for her.

And we prepared some beautiful flowers.

We are happy! Because we can celebrate her last day and future.

But we were very very moved. 

Because she prepared gifts to us!!

(Some chocolates & candies)
So, today was our last day but we were not sad. We were happy! Because we could check the fact that  we thought each other and liked each other.

I think we will be able to meet!

Her activity in the culb was over today.

But it is sure that we are in the same university.

I really want to meet her countinuously.

(We drawed her!)


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