Rebuilding my Weekends like Weekdays! (Let me introduce my New Weekends!)

As the examination period is approaching, I decided to make my weekends more efficiently. Because my weekends schedule was terrible. So I strated finding my problems. 

Above all, let me show you my weekdays & weekends graph.

We can know the differences through these two graphs. I tried to think in order to find my problem.

What were the problems?

The result of my thinking about the problem is ‘I have been wasting too many times for free time’. 

I thought that I have to reduce free times and sleep times. 

And then I should use those remaining times for studying.

After thinking about these, I realized something. The way that I can change my weekends routine is ‘Rebuilding my weekends like Weekdays!”

Because during the weekdays, I have more times for studying than free times.

Finally, I lived my ideal Sunday like weekdays. It was perfect day for me!

For now, let me introduce my new Sunday!

I got up at 9 a.m. And I ate bread for breakfast.

Immediately after eating breakfast, I went to the library to study. 

The way to the library

The beautiful sky:) 

Today’s weather was so nice… so I really wanted to play with my friends, but I have to study.. 

Anyway, I cleaned up my mind and  kept going to the library

I studied for about 6 hours. 

It was very tired for me but I was proud.

I could spend more times for studying than wasting many times for meaningless free time. 

After studying I went back to the home to eat dinner. I ate soft sofu stew for dinner with my parents!

I have been singing “I want to eat this!!!” since last weekend. So my parenst bought for me!!! 🙂

And I started doing assignments.

Finally, I could enjoy my free times!

I watched soccer game and played computer games!

(Sunderland vs Manchester United)

(League of Legends. kkkkk)

It’s time to finish my posting. I’m gonna tell you about my feeling through my rebuilding.

I said “I lived my ideal Sunday like weekdays. It was perfect day for me!”.

When I lived my weekends without any plan and just took a free time, I  could never say like that. Because there were noting to do.

But when I lived with plan (like weekdays) I could say like that. I could do many things that I should do.

It is the reason why I said like that.

If you want to change your weekends more efficiently as you want,

Try to live like your weekdays!

Try to rebuilding your weekends!

I will keep trying to live my weekends as I want. (Like weekdays? haha)

 Thank you for reading 🙂


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