Interview Myself!(Introduce Myself)

Today, we will have a interview with Nick. Let’s interview him!

It is Nick!

(Repoter -> Q , Nick -> A)

Q) Hi Nick , how are you today?               

A) Umm…it’s lillte bad. I have a lot of things to do.

Q) Oh..I’m sorry hear to that. Anyway let’s start to interview about yourself.            

A) Haha okay let’s start!

Q) First…how old are you?                             

A) I’m 20years old. I’m a freshman at university.

Q) Wow, you are so young. What is your major?                                                                   

A) I’m majoring nursing now. I want to be a kind and nice nurse.

Q) Oh it’s a nice goal. I hope it works well. What motivated you to have this goal?                                                                     

A) Actually I have a my elder brother’s wife that is working in the hospital as a nurse. So she influenced me in choosing this goal.

Q) You have elder brother’s wife?!?           

A) Hahaha yes. I have many famlies. I have two brothers and one sister and they are all married. So I have two nephews.

Q) Wow…it’s amazing. Then you have 11 famlies , right?                                                 

A) Yes! I’m very happy because there are many people who can advise to me and love me.

Q) I really really envy you. Anyway let’s go next question. Do you have any best friend?                                                                 

A) Of course! I’ll show you my friend’s picture.

We became  best friends when we were in the same class at highschool(1 year). We have same hobby like playing soccer. I played soccer many times with him and I’m playing soccer now with him. And I will continue to play with him. I really like him.

Q) Your friend looks like very handsome. You said you played soccer many times. Do you like soccer?                                           

A) Yes! I love soccer!! It’s my favorite sport. It is my hobby.

There are me and my best friend too.

Q) It looks so nice! I think you are good at soccer. Because you are very tall and your body is good in shape.                                     

A) Oh thank you. Many people said like you. Umm….I think that is little right saying haha.

Q) Hahaha I think you are very humorous person. My prepared questions were all spended. It’s time to finish our interview. Do you have something to say?                                                                       

A) Yes. First, thank you for interviewing me. And I have picture to show to you. Actually, my back is pretty nice. Bye bye~

Q) Bye Bye~

Thank you for reading my long self interview.

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